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Tina Kyei is a Management Consultant and the CEO of Winning Branding Media who recognizes the power of online branding in the global marketplace and its great impact it has on a firm’s ability to generate revenue and build relationship equity.

Before launching Winning Branding Media, Tina led sales and marketing for the top corporate financial giants including HSBC and Barclays for 10 years.

She was responsible for promoting financial products, implemented strategic communications measures to enhance sales and marketing programs which included advertising, local chambers of commerce and business performance improvement.

Tina has worked for clients such as HSBC, Barclays Bank, McDonalds, Boots and Homebase.

She offers a wealth of expertise to corporations facing great challenges of staying ahead of the competition and at the same time searching for ways to being different in the marketplace which is always changing. She teaches corporations strategic digital marketing and social media concepts combined with the power of online branding in enhancing client engagement and  long-term revenue growth.

Tina has a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from Birkbeck College (University of London).

She also offers keynote addresses, targeted presentations, interactive seminars and workshops, digital marketing, social media training and online brand expertise and publications.

Digital Marketing Publications & Speaking Topics:

How Social Media Marketing can help brand building

Is Social Media Training Really Necessary for Every Business?

3 Ways Corporations Can Win With Facebook.

How To Grow Your Business With Google Plus

Social Media Power: How African Businesses Can Use Social Media To Grow

Her Specialties:

♦ Digital Marketing
♦ Social Media Marketing
♦ Strategic Marketing
♦ Corporate Branding
♦ Personal Branding
♦ Corporate Marketing

Contact Tina by:

Email: tinakyei@winningbrandingmedia.com

♦ For an Online Marketing Strategy for your corporate firm.

♦ For an Executive Online Brand Makeover to grow your business.

♦ To speak at your corporate event about Social Media and Digital Marketing.