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Olympics 2012 and Social Media Marketing

Welcome to London 2012 Olympics Games! It is a moment of fun and joy and yes the Olympic team are using Social Media such as facebook, Twitter and so on. So are you taking your Social Media efforts seriously? Take some time to learn from the Olympics team and watch the Olympics. Have fun in the business.   Catapult Your Business Today by ...

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Modern Marketing: Master Your Sales Online

For your business to succeed online this is what you have to do: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION What do I mean? It is your responsibility to educate your customers about the value of your products and services. Online Marketing is very different from offline marketing. With online marketing you have to educate people as they are not likely to buy from ...

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Modern Marketing: Get Into Email Marketing

Do you know what your real business assets are? Your assets are not your laptop, your building or equipments. Your real assets are your database of customers. These are the details of people who have made a purchase from you, this is your first asset. When Barnes & Noble bought Borders Books the asset they acquired was their database. This ...

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Attraction Marketing: How To Avoid Time Wasters

Do you want to avoid attracting time wasters? Do you want to attract serious clients who want to pay for your service? Have you been to a lot of networking events and collected a lot of business cards and not converted? If this is the case then you are not alone but there is good news as there is a solution to this. Dan Kennedy one of the marketing ...

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