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Why Social Media is One of the Best Marketing Tools

  Creates Awareness: Being active on these Social Media platforms means having your business in front of your audience. You might not have the marketing budget to have billboard adverts but with these Social Networking sites it is free to promote your brand. Relationship Building: Ability to communicate with a massive audience worldwide. All barriers ...

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Social Media Marketing: How To Measure Your ROI

Are you measuring your Social Media Marketing ROI? Your Return on Investments on Social Media is determined by two factors: Lead Indicators Conversion Metrics With lead indicators you discover the responses you are getting on Social Media. These responses include the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets and so on Conversion Metrics is ...

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Twitter: What are the 5 Most Important Things Entrepreneurs should be Tweeting about?

  You are your brand. Behind this brand which is you people are more interested in knowing you as a person on Twitter. The end goal on Twitter is to increase customers’ loyalty to your brand. They have to know, like and trust you to win them. Here are the 5 Most Important Things Entrepreneurs should be Tweeting about: #1: Sharing knowledge When ...

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5 Things You Need To Make Your Website Go Viral

Having your website going viral is where people spread your site everywhere online, very similar to word of mouth. This is Free Advertising. You do the work once and people do the work for you. To achieve this you have to focus on doing is to provide great content and have these Social Media share buttons on your site to make it easier for your website to ...

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How to Grow Your Web Traffic without SEO

Do you want your website ranked high on Google? Does SEO seem too complicated for you? Is it costing you so much money to have your website ranked high? If you have answered YES to any of the above, there is a solution. You do not need SEO to get your site ranked high. Focus on delivering content which is valuable to your audience. This ...

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How to Grow Your Business With Pinterest

    Pinterest, one of the latest Social Media platforms can be used a tool to grow your business. Always remember to include of your website on any image or video you place online. Your Assignment for this week Go on and register for a free account. You can register with your facebook or twitter account. Copyright © ...

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