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Is Social Media Improving Communication Skills?

Communication skills are not only about grammar but how we deal with each other. It is about building relationships.   We can serve each other better by providing solutions. When someone needs help and ask a question the answers the person gets are a lot and most of the time are very well researched. So if you are based in London and you ask a question ...

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How a Small Business Can Generate More Clients With a Free Marketing Approach

  To generate clients on Social Media, the first step is to know where your audience are and the platforms they meet to interact. Assuming that most of your potential clients are on Twitter and less on Facebook, you would have to know this information so that you do not waste your time. After you know where they are, the next thing is coming up with ...

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How Effective is B2B Social Media Marketing

  Social Media is effective when its real value is understood. It is not about setting up a Facebook page or having some Social Media profiles on your website. When you visit a shoe shop in a shopping centre and you like and need it, you will buy it if you had the money. When you visit a similar shop online and the prices are cheaper, if you don't ...

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