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Be the Wikepedia in your Industry

To achieve success online, you must be seen as a solution centre. This is what I mean you must have answers. When viewers visit your site, let them be excited to read  your blogs so that they keep coming back. Anytime they visit your site they feel satisfied as their problems are solved. Go online visit sites such as quora and answer questions. Come ...

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3 Ways to Generating Sales with Twitter

  One of the most effective ways to grow your business online is using Twitter. Analyse your industry experts and see how they use Twitter effectively. Build relationships Give away valuable information   Your Assignment for this week If you do not have a Twitter account, open an account it is free. If already have a Twitter account, ...

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Toastmasters: 5 Things You Must Do Online To Attract More Members To Your Club

The question is how can your club attract more members to overcome their fear of public speaking and to enhance their leadership and communication skills? The 5 Things You Must Do Online: Have an updated website. Your club's website should look different and not the same every year. It should not look like a brochure. But it should have an opt-in form which ...

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