Toastmasters: 5 Things You Must Do Online To Attract More Members To Your Club

Posted on February 1, 2013

a toastmasters international pic Toastmasters: 5 Things You Must Do Online To Attract More Members To Your Club

The question is how can your club attract more members to overcome their fear of public speaking and to enhance their leadership and communication skills?

The 5 Things You Must Do Online:

  1. Have an updated website. Your club’s website should look different and not the same every year. It should not look like a brochure. But it should have an opt-in form which will capture peoples names and email addresses by offering them something of value. It could be a Special report on “10 Ways to overcome your fear of public speaking in 90 days”. This information is valuable and they will be willing to input their details.
  2. Have an email marketing campaign. You communicate with those who have signed up to receive your special report every other week about some information on leadership, communication and public speaking. At the end of each email you encourage them to attend your lively events.
  3. Have a blog within your website. This blog should consists of posts or videos of your lively events. So when anyone lands on your website they can see a glimpse of what happened in previous events. It gives them a taste of what a normal event is about. Now most of your guests don’t know what toastmasters really does. One blog post can be a post/discussion about table topics and people can leave comments as well.
  4. Having your own YouTube channel. Creating a channel is free and you can put some of your videos on there. So when someone lands on your website they can view some of your videos. Display your website link on each of your videos on this channel encouraging people to come on your club’s website and get your Special Report on the “10 Ways to Become a Confident Public Speaker in less than 90 Days” this could be an example.
  5. Advertise your events on Meetup. Meet up is a place online where people occasionally go to find events to attend to. So if someone wants to learn about public speaking they would go on meetup and type public speaking. On meetup when people do say they would attend your club, they are then encouraged to share the event they are attending on social media. This also allows more people to find out about your club and attend your event.

Applying the above strategies would definitely lead to a massive growth to your members.

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3 Replies to "Toastmasters: 5 Things You Must Do Online To Attract More Members To Your Club"

  • Minette Riordan
    February 1, 2013 (1:24 am)

    This is great advice, Tina, for Toastmasters or any other business/group that is trying to grow.

  • Liz
    February 1, 2013 (2:00 am)

    Love it! I tweeted it!

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